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 Big thanks to Jimbo, made lesson's easy for  me! Passed first time" only 2 minors.                     cheers.....Monty.Mearns 

"I would be delighted to recommend Jim to anyone thinking of taking an intensive course.I PASSED after 40 hours tuition". "Thanks again" Katie. Eaglesham  

 James Traynor "Look out for me, bought a wee  peugeot"                                                            Thanks for everything.

 5 star service" should have came to you first. Regards Toni x

 Thanks Jim for all the wee tips you gave me.  

         Stewart Walker 

 Thanks you were a good teacher so glad my friends recommended you! Best wishes.        Sion x    

 Just want to say a massive thanks  Jim.Still cant believe I passssssed much thanks. RACHEL  (Newton Mearns) 

 Well done Jim I Passed ! Emma x (Clarkston)


 Stewart Mckay Great  lessons,great banter ,What more could you want froM an instructor!?cheers Jim

 Well Done -Rebecca Hodge ! First time only 2 minors.                                   Toot Toot-Beep Beep! 

 James Stirling     "Nailed It First Time"                                  Thanks Jim.


Kate Lyttle Passed ! 

       First Time!                                                                     " Am Well Happy " Thanks Jim for your help.

    Callum Young                                                          "no more excuses I've Passed"

Maria Swan    "Thanks Jim for all your help couldn`t have done it without you !"

September   Francesca Moscardini Passed 1st time , only 3 minors. "Thank you so much Jim"

Drew Lorimer   2014

  " No more buses" Ha ha, Woo.                    Cheers Jim.


Jim Weldon Driving school

 Sean Currie  

"Thorough and intensive lessons that really helped to develop my driving. I PASSED first time with 2 minors. Absolutely delighted.Thanks so much Jim"

 Sarah Johnston  Passed !   "look out for me in my white Corsa"

Rebecca Walker  Ah!,  Can't believe I've Passed first time. YES !!!! Jim thanks again.


 Scott Patrick  Passed !"That's great ! I'll need to wash the car"Thanks Jim.    

 Lewis Mcguire only 3 minor faults !                                                 " I'll need to buy a car"                                                  Thanks Jim.

 Kaitlyn Blackabey                                                              Examiner said "A Crackin Drive"                                         Thanks very much Jim for helping me pass!

 Rebecca Hammond  

1st time pass!  "im! in shock"                                  Thanks jim.x    

 Kaitie Haffie                                             

1st time pass " I'll need to share the mini with Mum"                     Thanks so much.                                                                                                                                                                   Gillian Sterkinburg     Passed January 2015                             "A lovely drive"                                   

Cameron Graham  2014                                                           "Thanks again Jim really appreciate it." 

   October 2014 Passed                                                                         Haley Ross , Andy Reid, Alistair Dunlop .                                                                                             Calvin Carey     Passed February 2015                                A clean sheet!                                                                                     Thanks Jim